We present this solemn and respectful tribute to the Men and Women who perished due to their circumstances related to the Covid sickness.  Either because of the sickness itself or because of a related issue, they are no longer with us. 

These people and the tragic stories that these innocents leave behind, are truly sad.  The lives and the circumstances of these brave souls need to be honored and remembered. Their stories must be told. Often the fallen had no warning, no notice of their pending fate, with no ability to even properly prepare for what was about to happen to them.  They were taken cruelly.

The images, the listings which you are about to see are listed by, provided by, the families, relatives, friends and loved ones of the dearly departed.  All of the information, details and circumstances surrounding the death of each person is and was provided by the person providing that listing.

In respect for the departed, we take on good faith that the information we receive on each listing is accurate and true.  We are only relating the information as was provided by someone who was close to the victim.

We wish that those who are either connected to or responsible for what has happened to these innocent people be held responsible for what they have done. Their crimes cannot go unanswered. Justice must be served.

If you have any questions or concerns which you wish to have addressed, please contact us at:    admin@memorialgallery.org     

We are always here for you. 

May God bless the families and friends of these dearly departed.  They will be sorely missed.

     Memorial Gallery


Edward Wrz

Age : 72

Passed : 04/12/2021

Marital Status : married

2 children

0 grandchildren

0 siblings

no parents

many friends

Passing Details Codes : A

Jorge Rod

Age : 26

Passed : 2021-12-17

Marital Status : single

2 children

2 grandchildren

6 siblings

both parents


Passing Details Codes : C, V

Brian Bur

Age : 29

Passed : 2021-12-29

Marital Status : married

3 children



Passing Details Codes : V, A

Julie Kal

Age : 22

Passed : 2022-01-14

Marital Status : single

3 siblings



Passing Details Codes : V, A, Q