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Legacy Light Memorial Dome

As of the middle of December 2021, the world has seen over five million people die from Covid. At least that is the number that the ‘authorities’ are giving. If however we take into account all types deaths associated with Covid, direct and indirect, that number should likely be much higher world-wide.
People from different walks of life will come to offer up all manner of reasons and finger pointing as to who in the end is or was responsible for this bizarre, mind-numbing event. But regardless of where the blame shall fall, the one inescapable fact is that so many innocent people have been taken from us. They are gone. They have departed this world and are no longer with us, period.
For whatever reason they’re gone, we will over time, be able to assess the full blame or responsibility for all those innocent souls have been lost. For now, we must live with what has already happened, as sad as that is.
To honor all those who succumbed to the virus, for whatever reason, Legacy Estate Founder and its new partners (soon to be announced) will be erecting the Legacy Light Memorial Dome™ to honor all Covid victims everywhere.
Our amazing, ethereally designed, state of the art Memorial allows for each and every ‘victim’ to be honored individually. The central records and display system is designed to access up to 50,000,000 records. Each record will contain important information about the person themselves, their pictures as well other background information about a victim’s personal and professional life.
The Dome structure will reach a height of 17 stories high and will incorporate a number of special and truly unique features as well. Those coming to visit the Light Memorial can look forward to an amazing experience. The dome structure itself features:
• A Prayer Chapel
• A Meditation Garden
• An Aquarium
• Interactive records, where friends and loved ones or will be able to access the electronic records of someone who has passed away due to covid in some way.
• A Gift Shop, which will also have memorial items for sale for any friends or family.
• Specialty Eating Areas
The Dome itself will be constructed mostly out of crystal and glass, which will give visitors an amazing experience while with us. Management is confident that there is and would be no other structure like it anywhere. We look to give an amazing experience to those who came to honor the fallen.
The physical location of the Dome is expected to be finalized before the end of January, 2023, as locations in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are currently under consideration.
Construction of the Memorial Dome will commence early in the 2nd Quarter of 2023, with a formal public opening expected to take place in September of 2023. Visiting the Memorial Dome is free.
Those who have already registered a loved one, family or friends with us, will be given first priority for the Memorial Dome placement.

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