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COVID Master Settlement Plan 2024

Boomers or Better

While most people today would likely not remember what used to be a ‘social convention’ during the ‘1950’s and 1960’s of offering people, their guests, and those they loved, a cigarette likely right after a meal. Boomers would likely remember. Back then, it was the thing to do.   If you had told people back then that were was to be a future ‘group settlement’ of some $206,000,000,000 spanning a future time of 25 years, they would have looked to commit you to an institution; even an insane asylum.    Yet, that is exactly what happened.  

An all-encompassing agreement, known as the TOBACCO MASTER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT, was entered into on November 23rd, 1998, amongst the four largest US. Tobacco companies, namely Philip Morris Inc., R.J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, and Lorillard who where the “original participating manufacturers” who became known as the “Majors”, along with the attorneys general of 46 US. states.  

The states settled their Medicaid lawsuits against the tobacco industry for recovery of their tobacco-related health care costs.  In exchange, the companies agreed to curtail, or cease certain tobacco marketing practices, as well as to pay, in perpetuity, various annual payments to the states as to compensate them for some of the medical costs of caring for persons with smoking-related illnesses.  The money also funds a new ant-smoking advocacy group name the Truth Initiative, which is responsible for other campaigns as TRUTH, and it maintains a public archive of documents resulting from tobacco related cases.  m

Interesting how the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement is set to expire in November of 2023, given the agreement has completed its full course of 25 years.

Covid Master Settlement Plan

So as we sit here in the Summer of 2023, we find ourselves similarly counting those who died from tobacco use.  But now, we are counting our dead and finding out how many innocent people came to listen to the hype and the propaganda concerning what Covid is and was.  I can understand that some would want to assassinate my character over what is being written here, but the one indisputable fact which they, big pharma, or anyone else can dispute is that significantly greater numbers of people have died from the vaccines than the numbers of people who had ever died from the actual virus itself. The delta or the difference between those two groups is not marginal in fact, its staggering.

Do you not find it curious, anyone would, how it is that now “agencies and medical groups who collect blood today, prefer to get blood donations from those who WERE NOT or are not vaccinated?  Now that is a curious thing surely.

So now, society has the challenge of dealing with those who prematurely passed away from this all as we try to sort out, who should be entitle to what and why?  Clearly income earning adults who left behind spouses and young ones having to care for themselves, should be at the top of the list of those whose families will need to be compensated. What happened to them? Did their families suffer a massive injustice?  We can then move onto caregivers, mothers and fathers who left behind their families for someone else to take care of. Those families need to be healed and yes, clearly compensated.

Oh, and don’t worry about money as there is plenty of money to go around.  So today, rather than targeting the likes of past whales in the tobacco industry such Philip Morris Inc., R.J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, and Lorillard, you can expect that companies such Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, GSK, and Maderno, amongst others will all be contributing to the compensation and settlement programs which are about to emerge.

And do keep one thing in mind.  Previous laws which have been passed to protect the guilty can all come to be revoked very easily. As more and more disclosures come about over what the real intentions of these people were, all the things which they hid from an unsuspecting public, as they went on to mass murdering people. Many previous laws and agreements will all become toilet paper. All of which can be used similarly. None of that will matter soon.   

And really, aren’t you glad that big pharma has so much to spend? It will be a joy to watch as law enforcement and other newly created agencies will get to collect and distribute funds which will come to be collected and distributed for the benefit of those who were victimized through the process. And yes, so we’re clear, these same big pharma companies hold ten-of-billions of dollars in drug patents. So these same vaccine companies will continue to be able to drive huge incomes for decades to come. So no one need shed a tear for them. What they’ve done, the reasons why the came to follow a globalist agenda, is all becoming clearer to us with each passing day. These same parties were deeply concerned about their pocketbooks and not necessarily for the well-being of the general public; as sad as that is. Its hard to fathom that a company who is supposedly dedicated to the health and to well being of its clients would undertake to do such things. Oh, but they will pay and come to pay dearly.        

We here look to begin helping people, as we start to process and categorize the nature of these families’ losses and how we can look to prioritize people’s needs. We humbly ask that you firstly register your family members and the loved ones who passed away needlessly. They deserve to become known.  You can start by writing to us at: to get more information. If you know of a family or friend who has lost somebody, do advise them. Money alone will not bring back anybody, but it may help to ease some people burdens in their struggle to hear.  May God bless you and your family.  Please stay safe. BE TOTALLY sure that you use only those medicines or drugs WHICH HAVE BEEN CONCLUSIVELY TESTED AND PROVEN. NOTHING LESS. Enough people have already died. It’s enough.

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