Memorial Gallery

Listing Instructions For Memorial Gallery

  1. Profile Image – Image of Person being listed – Image should be under 1.5 Megabytes, and square if possible.
  2. Background Image – Image of background to be shown for the listed person. Think in terms of what the person liked, their lifestyle, places they would have liked to go, etc.
  3. Name:
    1. First Name: FULL,
    2. Last / Family Name: First three (3) letters of the Person’s real last name. :   BerryHill = Ber      McDonald = Mcd    Van De Mann = Van  etc. 
    3. *It is permissible to use two (2) numbers at the end of a family name, if desired. 00 – 99.
    4. By adding the two numbers at the end of the family name, the combinations / permutations go to over 1.7 million possibilities, just on the last name alone.
  4. Professional / Lifestyle Description: Talk about the person, their profession or career, past work, past interests or hobbies etc. about the listed person.
  5. Age: The age of the person, at the time the person passed.
  6. Date of Passing:
  7. Marital Status:
  8. Number of Children: Surviving children, if applicable
  9. Number of Grandchildren: Surviving grandchildren, if applicable
  10. Siblings: Surviving siblings, if applicable
  11. Parent/Parents: Surviving parent(s) if applicable
  12. Friends:
  13. Spouse: surviving spouse, if applicable
  14. Passing Details:
    1. C – Covid Positive
    2. V – Vaccinated:
    3. A – After effects/complications for vaccine
    4. H – Hospitalized (in hospital when passed)
    5. Q – Quick / sudden passing after vaccine
  15. Email: We record and issue confirming emails back to the listing person for verification that they were the person who provided said listing.
    1. The email information is held in strictest confidence, always.
    2. The data or address will never be allowed to be used externally for any reason.
    3. The data is never sold, ever. We respect the wishes and privacy of those who have trusted us.
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